Pat Pat Pat

So fabulous and she cant stop. As head of styling on the new Sex and the City movie, stylist for (in my opinion an exact copy of SATC) Cashmere Mafia, Pat Field is giving us a little taste of everything that a fabulous stylist would be telling her client to get her hands on now. Off her website, you can order anything from sequined highwaisted shorts, to vintage Helena Rubenstein sunglasses, to metallic pumps or gun single-flower vases - and its not fortune either! go on the site, order some shit, and consider yourself PaT-PiMpEd.

Also since American Idol, I dont see whats the big deal is anyway, Jennifer Hudson, is gonna be Carrie's assisant in the movie, does that mean that shes gonna be in sexy tube tops and capris too? ugh, shoulda gone to the casting call to be an extra and heard some of the details like:
Carrie hires a new assistant named Louise (hudson). She is described as a fashionable and sharp African-American woman in her early 20s, who moved from St. Louis to NYC in order to find love.
The movie will also feature her ex-boyfriend Will.
Carrie will interact with Elaine, a gossip columnist in her early 40s working at the New York Post.
We will meet Karl, a sarcastic businessman in his late 40s who is also Big's friend.
One of the important roles will be that of Dante, a hot and dark man in his 30s.
Some scenes will feature Lovro Klujcik, the super of an apartment building; a real-estate agent and her assistant; an angry activist woman who is against killing animals for their fur; and a marriage counselor.
The events in the movie will take place at least over a few months since a scene is set during Halloween and another, during Valentine's Day.