Do's and Don'ts

When going to a posh cocktail party there are a few do's and don'ts that we should all take note of.
Do: Unveil a brand new hair cut to give attention to something besides what you're wearing. Style isn't just in the clothes we put on.
Don't: Wear a dress made of Just sequins, it is almost November and that look has been shiny since summer. At this point, they should spice up a dress, not be it.
Do: Take of all your normal jewelry off and wear one great necklace, broach, or bracelet to let people know you're taking the night and your outfit seriously. This is your time to display those fabulous party jewels that you've been holding in safe keeping.
Don't: Hide in unsocial places for too long. You're having fun and everyone should see that.
Do: Make at least one new friend. This is a social event, so take advantage of the change in atmosphere, uncrowded bar, buffet line, or slammin' dance floor to talk to someone new. Hello, you feel amazing, whens a better time to make a first impression!
Oh and an extra Do for good fashion luck: Do wear 4 inch crystal encrusted heels to get everyone talking about how fabulous you are. Props SF.

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