Fashion: Barbie and Ken

So if super cute Bridget Helene is my leading lady, it seems that 23 year old Kristian Laliberte completes the stylin' duo. Shes the most fab., totally in the know, over the top adorably-obnoxious, and totally self involved girl that intrigues us all on soap net's Fashionista Diaries.
He's been quoted saying “I want to be New York’s answer to Rachel Zoe.” Supposedly the two of them have been going all Ty-makeover on 16 year old Leven Rambin from All My Children, taking her to fashion shows in some stylish outfits of their choosing. Will they make a name for themselves? Rambin's picture did make WWD on friday, 2 points, but rumor has it that they come off as two maniacs, just silly little clowns. Point is, press is press. We all know his name now righttt? Although, I think taking a car around New York to go to 5 fashion shows with 5 outfit changes in between means you already know you're fabulous. PS - started reading Rachel Zoe's book-- and hes got nothing on her. Quotes coming soon..... =) I don't know if they styled this outfit or not but thats one of the prettiest pics I saw of this new "IT" girl, ha.

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