Gem You're So Special

Wanna see how one young "IT" girl, with the Kate Moss look in my opinion, describes herself, in her own unedited words?

I LOVE Broadway (at the moment my fav shows are Spamalot & Harispray)
I love the Starbucks commercial were they start signing "I will make today the day ..."
I like guys taller than me so if your under 5'9'' don't bother
I have to admit when I get drunk I tend to table dance
My favorite cartoon Is My Little Pony
I'm addicted to reality T.V. shows
Yes I am a model
Don't be shy either I like guys who know what they want and go for it
I dont't like drama so please don't start any or get me Involved In It either
I rock chuck taylors and stilettos
I admittedly hide behind my sidekick or blackberry in awkward social situations
I am utterly repulsed by the word "panties"
I'd rather there be drunks on the road than old people or asians.
I cherish faith
I feel guilty If I sleep past noon
I have communication issues
I say blesh you instead of "bless"
I get along better with boys
I have an insanely loud laugh
I believe in angels
I am obsessed with juice boxes
I love lip balm, even the name! lip-balm
I sleep with 6 pillows.
I believe in the stars.

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