Liquid Cool

So heres the new ish in drinking. Evian water, which actually doesn't taste as fresh as the French Alps should, sells a glass bottle that makes drinking water a posh accessory. Better than Figi or Voss, this is as classic as the old glass coca-cola bottles. Theres always something cool about old school.
For whats new and hot - I just tried these frozen drinks that come in a little squishy case like a tube of Go-Gurt but its silver, shaped like a baby patron bottle, and full of frozen alcoholic goodness! Basically, you'll be able to buy them at a CVS type place in a pack of 30, bring them home to your freezer, then bring out one-by-one, non-breakable, already mixed, totally social, chick fruity frozen mini drinks. It hasn't reached the states yet, but I'm hoping to get a few boxes to play with!


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