Maximum Anger

"Like a Virgin," who has "Sex in the City," post "Rehab," all she can say is "Gimme More," "Stat!" Maxim magazine just listed their top 5 un-sexiest women in the world, and I'm APPALLED! 5-Brit (whos CD released today!! yay!) 4-Madonna 3-Sandra Oh (OK warranted)2-Amy Winehouse (ehh) 1-SARAH JESSICA PARKER! Seriously, in the field of pop music, Madonna started a sexual revolution with her cone bras. Britney is the sex bomb of all vivacious babes, and Amy is the definition of punk rock sexuality. Sandra Oh pisses me off with her flat face, almond eyes, ugly hair, and yellow nose, so OK, she can have spot number 2. But in all that is holy of fashion and beauty, Miss Sarah Jessica Parker is NOT number one. How about Roseanne, Jen Bunny, Haylie Duff, or Pink?! Sarah may have a bad mole (um Cindy Crawford), wild hair (um Shakira) or some daring fashion statements (hello- it was her character), but really, what is the problem? Maxim, as a mans magazine, clearly has no sense of what makes a woman beautiful, so in the words of Miss Spear's new song Radar -"Confidence is a must
Happiness is a plus, Edginess is a rush." Thank you, so laugh it up girls, goodbye.