Obvi From Date One

So as a Hills watcher, from day one I knew Spencer was no good. He rolls his eyes, puts no true effort or care into their relationship, and only wants to be famous. If they were actually engaged, he would care about planning their wedding, setting a date, telling his parents about her (redic that he hasn't), and wouldn't be so lame and manipulative with her for press. Also, she's lost every friend and amount of happiness she has to be with him! We stock celebs, celeb wannabes stock the paparazzi. Check out this photo series and tell me that being the first to shop for pumpkins wasn't a photo shoot opportunity. Its October 7th- If you actually carved pumpkins this early, they would be rotten by Halloween! Every time they're in the magazine, the shots look planned and posed. Like this day of quality time wasn't with a purpose, besides being the first people in California to buy a pumpkin. Sure you'll see one of these in Star very soon.

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