Robert Rauchenberg -Fashion meet my friend Art!

"The power of numerology is nowhere clearer than in the way we persist in giving a decade an identity, as if history could be a series of linked carriages, each distinguished by its passengers and paraphernalia. Or in the fairly constant time lag we require before a decade becomes an object of nostalgia; that takes at least a decade, too. The forties admired the twenties, the fifties the thirties, and the seventies make hay with the fifties. Such is the usual metabolism of fashion, which diligently rescues the past to offer us an image of the "new," fashion's version of the future.

"Fashion's future is, of course, supposed to titillate but not to frighten, to reassure but not to let attention go to sleep. Fashion teeters along this thin line, with its contradictions - absurdities, if you will - covered with the thinnest of surfaces, style. Style, the gloss on an age's self-image, barely manages to give a sense of continuity or meaning - and all you need of meaning is just enough to get by. This may not do much for our sense of history, but it contributes to something more superficial and elusive, our sense of period."