Similarities? I think SO...

Britt and Lindz seem to be so alike! For starts, they both became way too famous from Disney flicks at too young of an age. They moved into Hollywood dating simple, relatively humble cuties - Justine and Wilmer, and addressed loosing their virginities publicly. (cough cough Jessica). They both lost some weight, gained a very sexual identity, and started doing drugs. Ok, so fast forward, they both end up in rehab. Similarities? They both have Serious issues with their mothers and managing their own careers. come on, mom?! Then, they both meet train-wreck loser boyfriends, who dump their own "committed" girlfriends to be "the guy who dated Britney /Lindsay."
Also, both can't keep their butts straight post rehab...yea, Lindsay is still drinking. Who knows, hopefully if Lindsay has a baby, it can be bff with Nicole's baby. The baby daddies can wear black and the girls can be huge MILFS together. Shame Brit Brit isn't.
(PS Dina is so wearing a hand me down Chanel from her daughter. Grow up and get outta the club bitch)

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