Socialite Secrets

So heres the 411 on the gossip front. Perez is out, James Kurisunkal is in. Theres a new overweight, minority, gay, actually-an-outsider-somehow-on-the-inside gossip columnist thats spotlighting the socialite scene in a very sneaky and secretive way. The new sight,, has replaced the just closed, and sparks much suspicion as to who is really behind the keyboard. Socialiterank was a sight that rated the social elite on their personal style,and public appearances, so when the sight closed, the Gliteratti needed a new outlet. The gossip, event, and photo sight is actually run by some freshman Indian American chum at the University of Illinois updating this website from his dorm room, legit. From photos, and articles, he says he is trying to not ruin anyones reputations like, but to highlight the grace, legend, and charity that these women contribute to society. Right, like thats why we check it! SO anyways, he is totally a queen, believes his hidden identity deserves his own coming out party - like anyone fabulous does deserve, and...well blah blah blah. The juicy part is that maybe hes getting a little help from the inside. Maybe Tinsley Mortimer?

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