Who Knew...

So I was in the heated process of thinking up my exact "issue" with Joshua Menendez when it all turned around. (BTW, he's the only true indie promoter in SO.BE. - rockin' the friday Revolver party and the thursday Black Lipstick party at SET..which is super sexy f.y.i.) Anyway, after a little reading up on him, I came across a website that I've spent two years dreaming of!! It is my new favorite, can't get enough, so hot right now, want to touch the hiney, style sight. www.streetpeeper.com Check out the poor Miami section where the best outfit is an American Apparel spandex dress, compared to the NYC and LA sections that are stuffed with fabulousness. Just one more reason that Miami isn't a fashion capital, New Yorkers have trendy-overpriced-homeless-pretentious style, and L.A. is full of scenesters and rockstars. Here's some of my favorite looks from what I've seen so far...
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Street Peeper: Global Street Fashion » Blog Archive » Angela Lindvall, Rag & Bone Spring 2008
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aww...no Miami. As far as I am concerned, this is the best look Ive seen this month:
...and those few fab girls know what it looked like in person too, props WB!