Charming Neons

Check out the new designs from Brazilian born, Miami local, Luis Morais. While his company is well established, his new neon color bracelets are hip and fresh. With gold, diamonds, and all sorts of chains and yarns, these bracelets brighten up any fashionista's day. He describes his “Good Girl—Posh Punk” collection as a hybrid of delicacy and beauty with tarnished and ugly materials. As he says “I like to make the precious look not so precious-” Fabulous. The best bracelets are these neon color strings with gold at the end, and some with gold charms on the string. Ranging from $135 to $360, they aren't online yet, but can be found at Miami's Base and Steam, or NYC Bergdorf Goodman, or on the wrists of his lucky local friends. His myspace page is well developed, and the coolest part is the recommended music section - nice addition baby! PS- Keep your eyes out for some new rubber bands embedded with gold - so much cuter than those thick solid rubber "cause" bracelets...


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