MK & Co.

Talk about bringing sexy back! While she may look like a convulsing freak every time she makes out with Silas on Weeds (Ode to MK), MK looks fresh, fashionably thin, and as confident as Ash here at the Sale Gala. I always love MK's rocker chic vibe -- fearless and fabulous, but who else wears as many $33,000 bangles as casually as she does! What a fashion icon, thanks in part to Jacob & Co. Loves the shoes too, get ready for pink, it's coming hard!

Just look at that free spirit.....Smiles


  1. I know you are going to HATE me for saying this... but im not a fan of the twins... i think they are kinda laaammeo and should learn stop doing that pouty look and smile for once, i mean being a billionaire you would think you would have something to smile about, right?