Rowing Their Way To The Top

this is how the video is intended to be, don't worry.

I'd wear every outfit here in a fashionable heartbeat! The girls have been dressed in nothing but the best since the time of onesies, and know all the right people in the fashion business. They are world wide shoppers, and have an impeccable eye for style; communicating an artistic expression of fashion by mixing current trends with classic designer pieces, leaving no price point behind. The girls have all the world ahead of them...they are the definition of entrepreneurs. As the youngest self made millionaires in the world, their new labels: The Row and Elizabeth and James are sure fire successes. E&A is already making appearances in Neiman Marcus and on celebrities, and this video is so intense and amazing. They even have a fashionable sense of cinematography. Just as Pucci did his first collection in all Black (and look at his line now) , the girls know what they are doing. Absolutely Fabulous. Congrats!

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