Deja Vu?

There's nothing that could possibly make the Hills any better (besides Heidi and Spencer's characters being written off) than adding Kristen to the show.  Basically, Laguna was supposed to be about L.C.'s senior class, but Kristen was a scene stealer...and boyfriend stealer...making her own name on MTV.  Well, since the show's end, Lauren's done some of her own boyfriend stealing and landed her own show.  Admittedly, when Laguna first aired, it was the beginning of the I-do-nothing-but-party-so-now-I'm famous crave, and I thought Kristen deserved none of the due attention.  However, since dating Nick, aka Hotty McHotty, and keeping such a low key and respectable public image, I've kinda begun to accept the youngster.  For real..and hey- she's manipulative, sexy, boy smart, bitchy, and confident....A sure drama starter on the Hills.  Plus, Lauren can't have two enemies, thats just too much brain power for MTV to manage.  Get ready for the shake up!

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