The Fem Must Haves

So here’s what Time magazine felt were the top 30 necessities of a woman: The list.  Can you check your list off? For the cliff notes, heres what I agreed with, and what I felt was left off:

On the list:

1)  Clutch bag

2)  Leather gloves

3)  Volumising mascara

4)  Vintage brooch

5)  Little black dress

6)  Large cocktail ring

7)  Crisp white shirt

8)  Good jeans

What was missing:

1)  Bobby pins

2)  Black stockings

3)  A fabulous big designer purse for everyday use

4)  A great everyday bracelet, or a bunch

5)  A confidant

6)  Great bronzer

7)  Black go to high heals

...Anything I forgot?

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