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Want a new book? Deluxe: How Luxury Lost it's Luster is everything you need to know about fashion, the industry, and all that is fabulous (as my mother and I both gave it to each other as a gift tonight by coincidence - cuties).  The page turner discusses everyone from Louis to Louboutin, Halston to H&M, Marc to Madonna, its like a modern day history book complete with juicy gossip.  It's attitude is grand, but inside, the chapters are true and simple.  She writes, "the contradiction between personal indulgence and conspicuous consumption is the crux of the luxury business today: the convergence of its history with its current reality." God, poetry.  Once you get past the egocentric coffee talk, you'll find the juice, like when Marc Jacobs whispers that wearing LV is all about being a show off.
Anyway, if you want a more visual fashion influence pumping through your veins, check out this site: FaceHunter, for the hottest street style out there.  Traveling all around the country, this foreigner knows just how to snap 'em.  Recently in Miami, we can hopefully look out for a familiar face.  Rokbar wink, wink.

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