Get Sexy With a Click

So does this mean Jessica, Reese and Scarlett aren't as beautiful as we thought? Check out this ad and realize the "beauty" of photoshop masters!


The album has dropped, and the sounds are soarin! So let's six degrees of music this bitch. Imagine Gwen Stefani meets Madonna in a club, they have a mutual desire of Britney's "Toxic " phase, who then has a quicky with Timberland in the bathroom, and shares a night cap drink with Rihanna at the hotel bar. She sleeps with Justine that night, but thats just cause we think he's hot and should have been part of the CD's production. Together, the sexy night filled her CD with sexual whispers, debaucherous lyrics, cunning comebacks, and fierce beats. The CD is a must! Support a cure for Global Warming, a new Democratic President, and Britney Spears. Buy it, don't burn it, there's nothing like the real thing.

Maximum Anger

"Like a Virgin," who has "Sex in the City," post "Rehab," all she can say is "Gimme More," "Stat!" Maxim magazine just listed their top 5 un-sexiest women in the world, and I'm APPALLED! 5-Brit (whos CD released today!! yay!) 4-Madonna 3-Sandra Oh (OK warranted)2-Amy Winehouse (ehh) 1-SARAH JESSICA PARKER! Seriously, in the field of pop music, Madonna started a sexual revolution with her cone bras. Britney is the sex bomb of all vivacious babes, and Amy is the definition of punk rock sexuality. Sandra Oh pisses me off with her flat face, almond eyes, ugly hair, and yellow nose, so OK, she can have spot number 2. But in all that is holy of fashion and beauty, Miss Sarah Jessica Parker is NOT number one. How about Roseanne, Jen Bunny, Haylie Duff, or Pink?! Sarah may have a bad mole (um Cindy Crawford), wild hair (um Shakira) or some daring fashion statements (hello- it was her character), but really, what is the problem? Maxim, as a mans magazine, clearly has no sense of what makes a woman beautiful, so in the words of Miss Spear's new song Radar -"Confidence is a must
Happiness is a plus, Edginess is a rush." Thank you, so laugh it up girls, goodbye.

Cocaine and Caviar


How Bazaar

If you're Jennifer Aniston, you're probably tired of every story thats written about you to be focused on your life as a single woman. Whatever, big deal, who cares that she was once part of America's sweetheart couple. Well, in Harper's Bazaar's new spread, J. Aniston - "On The Joy of Independence," (weh weh) don't you think its, strange, that she looks like she's wearing a wedding dress inspired outfit? Regardless, I love the style of her other dress that channels the same Theory and Prada way of bleeding colors.

Naughty or Nice

The Holiday season is coming - and you know what that means. The fabulous window displays at Saks, Bergdorfs and Bloomies in NYC, white lights on all the mall streets, new and special trend toys, and some awesome creative holiday shopping bags! Ahh, can you wait, I can't. Gift giving is always in style.

Addicted to Style

So Steve Madden might be the A.B.S. of shoes, but this DoItYourself section is quite possibly the coolest thing ever! We all know that Steven copies every designer shoe for the economically reasonable public, but he took Nike's innovative idea to a whole new level. You can make over 20 different types of shoes to your exact style desire! Pick the cork or metallic heal, fuchsia or leopard sole, or patent leather detailing. He made going bankrupt (he was in 1998) go out of style, and is coming back giving us everything we want and more. Even these exact Miu Miu copies - is this legal? Can you spot the fake?

Do's and Don'ts

When going to a posh cocktail party there are a few do's and don'ts that we should all take note of.
Do: Unveil a brand new hair cut to give attention to something besides what you're wearing. Style isn't just in the clothes we put on.
Don't: Wear a dress made of Just sequins, it is almost November and that look has been shiny since summer. At this point, they should spice up a dress, not be it.
Do: Take of all your normal jewelry off and wear one great necklace, broach, or bracelet to let people know you're taking the night and your outfit seriously. This is your time to display those fabulous party jewels that you've been holding in safe keeping.
Don't: Hide in unsocial places for too long. You're having fun and everyone should see that.
Do: Make at least one new friend. This is a social event, so take advantage of the change in atmosphere, uncrowded bar, buffet line, or slammin' dance floor to talk to someone new. Hello, you feel amazing, whens a better time to make a first impression!
Oh and an extra Do for good fashion luck: Do wear 4 inch crystal encrusted heels to get everyone talking about how fabulous you are. Props SF.


Sometimes you have to sacrifice your performance for high heels.
-Gwen Stefani. Joke is, she never does! That woman goes from grunge to glam better than anyone! So why isn't her debut perfume L.A.M.B. more amazing? Its sad too cause the commercial is beyond sexual and fabulous!

Gimme More!

Here's a sneak peak of Brit's new album booklet! Buy it to see the other photos inside...shame is, shes got black hair in all the pics, and she's not the sex bomb she used to be. Why not? (I know I know). Supposedly there are three more great tracks inside- Yay!


WHAT is better for a Halloween costume - looking like a whore, being totally fabulous and sassy, or dressing silly for laughs? Option A) "The Sexay Nurse" outfit like Gabby on Desperate Housewives. B)"Kate Holmes and Suri," cause really, they are just a facade of class and money anyway. C) Anna Nicole Smith on mushrooms with a painted face like the video that was just released. Oh, decisions decisions haha.

Hangin Onto the Beat

So if Ace of Base, No Doubt, The Spice Girls and Aqua are really reuniting for a new CD, does that mean we can expect to see some more from Tatu, the Cranberries, and Hootie too?! Haha, what is going onnnnnn?

Who's the Fox?

PS- It's a shame Lindsay has lost all sex appeal and has to resort to selling herself as a crack head. Check out the flier for her "21st" B-Day in Vegas. She was looking so lame-o that she has already been replaced by the Hilton whores. Funny thing is, if anyone else posed in a photo like Paris has here, there would be immediate pregnancy rumors in US and Star. Wouldn't that be just fabulous if Paris got pregnant to out-beat Nicole like Nicole did with her engagement?! Sorry, I didn't think these past IT-girls deserved their own section, so they can scum off of the new Miss Thang. sexay.

Go Chic or Go Home

So I'm all about the Gucci bit or Ralph Lauren horse that lets you know the label without the designer's name, but no one does it better than Christian Louboutin. When you see that raging red sole from a mile away, you know that the leather came from Italy, the heal is at least 4 inches tall, and the charge was higher than all of last months utility bills, combined. If I had a pair of these Mad Mary Suede mary janes, I think I'd keep them on a mirrored display whenever they weren't on my feet. Why are women such suckers for shoes?!

Wanna Pose like a Celeb?!

Check out main man rockin' the camera, in more ways than one!
your South Beach Rockstars*

Just Saying....

These pics were taken in 2006 and 2007. Shes looks mad skinny in the cheer leading outfit, but it was also a big movie role for her...lots of pressure to look fab! Well, anyway, looking less hot now, shes the new mistress of Mr. John Mayer. Doesn't she look super young?! Like maybe even under 17...just had to put that out there.

Get Excited!

So I can't decide if I'm more excited for Brit's "Blackout" CD release on Oct. 30, or the Victoria Secret fashion show with the SPICE GIRLS new song and performance! "Oops," I've decided "its Britney bitch," ...Wish she was getting show ready like miss Gisele is. Looking fierce baby.

Who Knew....

So in the process of realizing that Christine Taylor (Ben Stiller's wife) looks like an older version of Lauren Conrad, I also realized how under the radar this super star really is! Shes been on episodes of Save by the Bell, Friends, BLOSSOM, and been in movies like The Craft, The Brady Bunch Movie (as Marsha), and The Wedding Singer. Forgetting her other huge hits, how can we not love someone thats been associated with such classics.


Don't mean to pat my own back, but I posted Megan Fox and called that out way better and quicker than Perez. Also, I think Gwen is wearing some Karen Walker sunglasses that I just wrote about. Cute. Click the links, you agree?


Want something hip and fresh thats not part of the classic designer clique? Well celebs like Bjork, Sienna Miller, J.Lo, Claire Danes, Liv Tyler, Kate Hudson, Claudia Schiffer and Madonna found Karen Walker, who has amazing sunglasses that are timelessly chic, affordable, and super fabulous. Imagine some slick jeans, a white tee, and her glasses...sexay. Go to her websight, I get this whole Carmen Sandiego vibe, its fun.

Dot Com Winner!

So theres,,,,, but theres nothing as geographically exclusive as this! is an online boutique that sells stylish and unique designs from Australian and Asian based companies. They only stock a few of each thing, and it's all totally fashionable. Plus, most stuff you can't even buy in the States...So log in, check out, and look fabulous!

Fearless Fashion

Are the Olsen twins hiding their faces, or giving free promotion to the designer? Either way, I want the bag!
While most celebs flock to the Ivy and Robertson Blvd. for some quality photo opps, the Olsen are often hiding their faces from the camera...unless they're on the red carpet. So either way, for attention or not, I love these purses. They might be Jenni Kayne bags, as the pics were taken leaving the designer's studio...Fabulous!


So stylists really do exist. She looks horrible!

Robert Rauchenberg -Fashion meet my friend Art!

"The power of numerology is nowhere clearer than in the way we persist in giving a decade an identity, as if history could be a series of linked carriages, each distinguished by its passengers and paraphernalia. Or in the fairly constant time lag we require before a decade becomes an object of nostalgia; that takes at least a decade, too. The forties admired the twenties, the fifties the thirties, and the seventies make hay with the fifties. Such is the usual metabolism of fashion, which diligently rescues the past to offer us an image of the "new," fashion's version of the future.

"Fashion's future is, of course, supposed to titillate but not to frighten, to reassure but not to let attention go to sleep. Fashion teeters along this thin line, with its contradictions - absurdities, if you will - covered with the thinnest of surfaces, style. Style, the gloss on an age's self-image, barely manages to give a sense of continuity or meaning - and all you need of meaning is just enough to get by. This may not do much for our sense of history, but it contributes to something more superficial and elusive, our sense of period."

Va Va Voom

So this is what it looks like to feel totally satisfied. Megan Fox is that cutie who wore an ill-fitted pink dress at the MTV movie awards, but other than that, always looks like a bona fide-Angelina-esc (pre ano phase)feminine goddess. In a magazine interview, she's admitted to her wild and intense sexual relationship with 90210 hearth throb Brian Austin Green, aka "David Silver." She also has a few intense tattoos, the one on her forearm is Marilyn Monroe... Her and Brian are now engaged, and here she's accepting and award for her role in Transformers. Wouldn't you be feeling fabulous?! Shes so sexual, and only 21.

Oh MJ!

So there is a new issue of Vogue with Michael Jackson on the cover! I hear the spread is unreal. I can't imagine what Micheal will do in front of a camera, can you?

Check out this site - my friend created it. Its a place, like where you can post videos, but instead, all the videos are "how to" clips. This type of chocolate cake is amazing!

Outdoor Fashion

So outdoor advertising is a fabulous way to get your name out there big, and no one does it better than LVMH. Check out the huge Louis Vuitton bags in front of the Champs Elysees. Talk about "go big or go home."
And in the spirit of unconventional adverting, check out what PETA people posted of our beloved Chanel designer, Karl Lagerfeld. So not cool. They would never put this in women's bathrooms because we all know it'd be a sin to piss on the King's face. Wowza!

Future IT girls

Wouldn't it be crazy to be Madonna's daughter?! Happy birthday little one! Hope you and your friend do really cute stuff together. PS - hasn't Lourdes always had horrible eyebrows? Whats up with that...

How cute is she!?

Mary-Kate: How does she always look like a beautiful mess?! You can't tell how much this trash look costs, but seriously it only works for her and Kate Moss. (Kate Bosworth and Kira Knightly look sick). Is it because its actually super expensive, or because they look like they're on heroin? It's kinda like, from Heroin-Chic to Chic-Heroin

Rachel Bilson: WOW does Rachel always rock it! Bilson is the cutie of all cuties. Her looks is effortlessly adorable, kinda tomboy, and totally fab.

When you get a cubic zirconia engagement ring, don't be proud of it! Lindsay's Riley Giles's girlfriend talks about how she was fooled and angered about her recent "diamond" discovery. And, TV-tool-Heidi-Montag-Pratt publicly announced her cubic zirconia ring with pictures to show. Girls, come on. And excuse me, Pretty Woman much?

Similarities? I think SO...

Britt and Lindz seem to be so alike! For starts, they both became way too famous from Disney flicks at too young of an age. They moved into Hollywood dating simple, relatively humble cuties - Justine and Wilmer, and addressed loosing their virginities publicly. (cough cough Jessica). They both lost some weight, gained a very sexual identity, and started doing drugs. Ok, so fast forward, they both end up in rehab. Similarities? They both have Serious issues with their mothers and managing their own careers. come on, mom?! Then, they both meet train-wreck loser boyfriends, who dump their own "committed" girlfriends to be "the guy who dated Britney /Lindsay."
Also, both can't keep their butts straight post rehab...yea, Lindsay is still drinking. Who knows, hopefully if Lindsay has a baby, it can be bff with Nicole's baby. The baby daddies can wear black and the girls can be huge MILFS together. Shame Brit Brit isn't.
(PS Dina is so wearing a hand me down Chanel from her daughter. Grow up and get outta the club bitch)

Strike a Pose Kate

whos sexier than her?!

Burned Out and Washed Out

What happened to Mischa being better dressed than Rachel Bilson? Bilson has Rachel Pastor as her stylist, and Barton has the one and only Rachel Zoe, but ever since shes gone brunette, something has been seriously off. Like what is wrong with her droopy hair, her ugly dresss, her bad (or lack of) accessories, and her washed out lame coloring. Well while Mischa is hanging out with her dog at the airport, Bilson is playing photo opp with the Master of Fashion himself. Woof-

So Creative

Britney's new album is called Blackout - what? No, not lights out global Blackout after a two day binge of alcohol, cocaine, xanax, more coke, and maybe a little other of some super fab Hollywood pill. I still remember the first time we saw her bra on that old Rollingstone cover.
(I love her and will till the day she dies)

She Brought Sexy Backkkk

So, Scarlett didn't get the girlfriend award with Mr. JT, got publicly two faced by him, and now has to see tabloid after tabloid about his romance with 7th Heaven tomboy Jessica Biel. However beautiful I thought Biel was on the WB days, this whole toned body look doesn't really accentuate her girlish figure. She actually always looks like a frigid bitch who is so shocked and confused about being popular cause of her firm butt and sexy boyfriend. Well, check out Scarlett's new spread in November ELLE, so hot right now! (just click to make it bigger!)

Rehab to Retard

Lindsay, your new boyfriend Riley looks like a retard. I feel like drool is about to come out of his mouth. I know the whole snowboarding, bad boy in rehab bit is supposed to be hot, but that doesn't excuse his ill fitted shirt and ugly jeans. Maybe he just makes her feel good about herself. Aww, cute.

Parlez-Vous Francais?

French Vogue knows how to teach you French in style! Well, at least the few things you should know: very chic, can i have champagne? no? fuck. and best of all, bye bitches! MWAH