Fashion File

Its time to get serious and plug those necessities into your wardrobe. Although I was a fan, it looks like the one strap came hard and left. What I can gaureentee is a cropped leather jacket, which can be found anywhere from H&M to Mike & Chris, so really, theres no excuse why you don't have one. Your floral prints. Yes, it does seem like visiting grandma in the country, but what Prada wants Prada gets! Everyone is jumping on, so find your piece from Balenciaga, Urbn, or your local flea market, you got it. Rock an over sized clutch as juxtaposed as MK's natural height to her infamous 5-inch heals. And although they are slightly unflattering, it looks like the oxford (lace up heals) are the staple to a true fashionista, even this spring. From Forever XXI, Steven, or Louboutin, its time to get a pair. And if you wanna get one step ahead, log onto ebay or run over to the closest thrift store and grab yourself a "members only" jacket. They are about to be remade and remarked like its the 80's. Mwah. Oh and TIGHTS, its all about the heel-less, footless, stirrup, opaque, and colored tights!