Weekends are for Visitors

If you are a Kennedy, you're famous. Notorious for fame, the fast life, and fashion, so is
Cory Kennedy. Her style seems to be a jumbled shmorgusboard of colors, but at the same time,
she makes an uncoventional statement of character and culture that has made her an icon. Being propelled into the scene by photographer Mark Hunter of cobrasnake.com, this semi depressed shycast came to stage. From hanging with celebs, making club appearances, magazine spreads, and being a muse to many, when she told her mom she was "famous," she wasn't kidding. When your best friend is Steve Aoki, Adam Goldstein comes up to you in the street, and you go to Coachella as Jeremy Scott's sidekick, you're someone unique. Her, - Je ne sais quoi - has been described as transparent, real, and honest. Explaining that "being clean, isn't how she rolls," this unkept beauty has made a space in the business for natural, semi unattractive, middle class girls PArty girls.

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