Snob Style

I am a working wardrobe stylist. I think I'm going to start posting clutch looks of myself, in a non-pretentious, fashion inspiring, honest type of way. Can ya dig?

Left to right. Night out: Bloc party - vintage silk tee, vintage necklace, custom made jeans, BCBG shoes. Night out: Hip Bar -Vintage Military Jacket, Kain crop tee, AA latex skirt, hermes watch, Chan Luu necklace. Night out: with Clients - Ane Verit tee, Zara blazer, J Brand Jeans, DG necklace, Hermes watch, gem cuff*, Miu Miu mary janes. Night out: Cocktail party /Sale - Vintage army tank worn as dress, vintage belt, Zara blazer, Chanel purse, vintage combat boots (not in pic).