Tied up, Ready to Rock

The coolest chick on the block...and her new prince. Granted I dont know Ash or MK that well, they still serve as fashion and celebrity icons to me, as I feel they demand respect and exude class in the public eye. Always dressed perfectly at the most honorable events around the world, they are an inspiring example of young successful business women. With the Hiltons constantly stealing their men and publicly parading it, these girls have never stooped to the levels of so many other young vixens. Designing their own RESPECTABLE fashion line (which no other celeb can), coming out with a new book, Influences, and growing up in such a 'big' world, they maintain a real image of class, beauty, and power. Always true to themselves, never not ladies, and making fashion statements day and night, I love the Olsens. PS - As Katie and Rachel Bilson can be credited for the rolled jeans, the Olsens are credited for the Nirvana bring back of a grunge shirt tied around the waist. Oh, I could write about them forever. I wish David Lachapelle would do a new photo shoot on them. I'd love to see how he would capture their iconacy