Im obsessed, and that's a word you rarely hear from me. The characters, writing, scenery, and scandals are dead on. Except the night life is a little off wouldn't you say? What high school kid goes to the same bar as their hot teacher only to exchange flirtatious banter...and what sweet sixteen serves champagne openly? Anyway, it's nice to see a youth show more natural than Gossip Girls: a show I truthfully don't watch, but every time I see reminds me of Cruel Intentions soap style meets Sex and the City fashion. Only issue is that Annie and the indie blogger are so skinny their clothes almost don't look good. The blogger's arm is ano style, and Annie in a tank top makes her look like she's in 5th grade. I'm all about skinny chic, but that's just entertainment pressure gone too far. Note the almost, still sexy, I love!